I believe I can see the future, Cause I repeat the same routine

It’s incredibly troubling to come to the conclusion that you’re a self-destructive person who is slowly killing themselves with shitty lifestyle choices.  I’m both emotionally and physically drained and need to remind myself to push forward no mater how much I find myself right back at the starting line.

I’m a single, overweight 31-year-old male with self-esteem issues deeply rooted in my personal identity and a lack of any athletic ability that made it easy for me to atrophy into my current state.  So I started a ‘Couch to 5K’ program, even if it’s just a computer, maybe having some prompts keep me honest allow me to see changes in my abilities so I don’t lose motivation.

Or maybe I’m just going to die in my 40’s, unfulfilled and empty with ultimately only myself to blame.

First world angst is so fucking absurd.

Weigh In: 242.2 LBS


About Sock Gnome

I'm the self loathing, narcissistic, & and misanthropic blogger!

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